Howard Friedland

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 Howard Friedland OPAM AISM has painted, taught and exhibited  extensively in numerous states in the U.S. as well as Mexico, France, Italy, England,  Spain, Portugal, Croatia and China. Friedland's work is featured in many private and  corporate collections around the world including museums in China. He was invited to  join renown Chinese American artist Zhiwei Tu and several prominent American and  Chinese master painters as Art Ambassadors to paint and exhibit large plein air paintings  created in China in 2011, 2014 and in 2020 he traveled to China with many prominent  Chinese American and American painters, like Mian Situ, Jason Situ, Calvin Liang Scott  Burdick and Ken Cadwallader. He has been judge of awards for several national art  groups like Oil Painters of America and American Impressionist Society. Howard has  been the featured speaker and demonstrator at the Plein Air Convention and Expo several  times. To see additional information please go to 

Teaching Videos:  

• “Painting Waterfalls in Oil” produced by Streamline Productions.  • “Painting the Landscape Loosely but Accurately” on Bella Muse Productions  

Awards and Accolades  

2021 - Honored by American Impressionist Society - Master Status AISM - 2020 - Bold Brush Award - Fine Art Studio Online Top Award  

2018 - Oil Painters of America Award of Excellence - (Master Division) -   OPA Eastern Regional Show  

2018 - Honored by Oil Painters of America with Master Status. OPAM  2017 - Awards Judge at Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Exhibition  2017 - Panelist on Group Discussion at American Impressionist Society Show  2016 - Second Place Award – American Impressionist Society National Show   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland WA.  

2016 - Artists Choice Award – American Impressionist Society National Show   Howard Mandville Gallery, Kirkland WA.  

2016 - Plein Air Convention Demonstrator/Lecturer – Tucson, AZ. 

2016 - Honorable Mention – Oil Painters of America National Show Plein Air  Contest  

2015 - Honorable Mention – Oil Painters of America National Show Plein Air  Contest  

2015 - Finalist - Plein Air Salon - Dec./Jan. On-line Juried Show  2015 - Best of Show Award for Signature Member–  

 Oil Painters of America Fall On-line Showcase  

2015 - Plein Air Convention Demonstrator/Lecturer - Main Stage, Monterey CA.  2013/14 - Finalist - Raymar 7th Annual Fine Art Competition - April  2013 - Best of Show - Plein Air Sunset Painting - Oil Painters of America Salon   Crooked Tree Art Center  

2013 - Best of Show for Animal Painting Award- Oil Painters of America Salon   Crooked Tree Art Center  

2012 - William J. Schultz Founder’s Award of Excellence - American Impressionist   Society  

2012/11 - Finalist – Raymar 6th Annual Fine Art Competition - November, September,   August, July, June and April  

2011 - Best of Show - Landscape - Icons of the West Show  

2011 - Judges Honorable Mention - Salon International - Greenhouse Gallery  2010/05 - Jurors Top 50 Award - Salon International - Greenhouse Gallery - 2010, 2009,   2008, 2007, 2005,  

2008 - Best of Show- Gold Medal National Award of Excellence –   Oil Painters of America National Show  

 2007 - Best Painting by a Signature Member - Oil Painters of America –   Central Regional Show – Southwind Gallery, Topeka, KS.  

Artist Statement  

 "The challenge for me is always to see the world with fresh eyes and respond  spontaneously to the beauty before me. It's possible to lose the impact of my initial vision  out of doors due to the continually changing light. For this reason I strive to capture as  quickly and accurately as possible the visual sensations that I have of the subject. I study  the color relationships and try to note them as best as I can. Back at my studio I use these  "on the spot" studies for larger paintings. I also take some photos for additional  information, however I'm careful not to copy the photograph (too much information  could dilute my first impression). Therefore, I also have to rely on my memory to recall  the mood that I wanted to express." "Some painters prefer to render a picture tightly to a  literal level of finish. However I prefer to paint only enough for the viewer to get a clear  vision of what the subject is and suggest the rest. When the painting is viewed close up  you can see the many colorful brush strokes, as you step further away the brush strokes  disappear and your eye pulls the whole painting together. That is what the magic of  painting is about for me. This allows the viewers to use his or her imagination and  participate in the painting".

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