Eddy Ochoa Guzman

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Eddy Ochoa Guzman is a painter, draftsman and musical composer, born in Baracoa on December 27, 1952. His family moved to the easternmost capital of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, after the triumph of the revolution in the Island. Eddy had just eight years, and although he adapt well to sudden change of habitat, he never turned off those lights. A scholarship took him to Havana, where he decides to take the entry test at the prestigious San Alejandro Academy, but because of the availability of spaces, he was only allowed to go to the Provincial Arts School of Pinar del Rio, the westernmost Cuban province. He attended one year of study at the School of Arts in the province of Pinar del Rio and one year in the Provincial School of the same specialty, “José Joaquín Tejada” in Santiago de Cuba. What for others, may have been frustrating, Ochoa turned to a blessing, get got to see not only the land of the best tobacco in the world, but an area of outstanding landscapes. The plains, palms and orchids, had found fertile ground within that special topographical formation of isolated hillocks; “Vinales Valley”. Although he was only there a short time, it was enough to allow him to absorb that local beauty. He learned much from maestro Domingo Ramos and his Valley landscapes. Every day he stopped to admire the technique he used to paint. In Santiago de Cuba, Armando Rodriguez, a great painter and rebellious critique helped him a lot, by forcing him to come to school overtime to do landscapes and perfect his details. In Santiago de Cuba he collided with modern painting. He was rejected a bit, but he was fortunate enough to meet painters and professor such as Antonio Ferrer Cabello and Jose Julian Aguilera Vicente, which supported much what he did. Ochoa looks at the landscape from the ecological point of view, as his landscapes have no human figure, per se. Sometimes he draws a path through which a man could walk but that is not the focal point, because man in his desire to live and develop, transform the environment and often hurts it. Ochoa says that landscape paintings will never stop been made particularly because of man’s desire to conquer the environment around him. He is a member of the UNEAC and director of a children's group.

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