Cristy Dunn

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Cristy Dunn's paintings and murals tell the stories of Makers and the power of the Arts to uplift the human spirit. She creates traditional oil portraits, using the timeless techniques of the Old Masters. She often incorporates silver leaf, which adds an ethereal element, and glazes to create light-filled surfaces. Her goal is to create a connection between her audience and the sacredness within us all.

The strongest influences on Dunn's work have always been close to home. Some of these include sounds and imagery from the Old Time Music that permeated her childhood and the woods that surround her home today. Her grandfather was a fiddler and she felt that his music held the power to transform the greatest of life's hardships. Somehow, through his music, he taught her the same. She began to paint at a very young age. She remembers being swept away by the process of creating when the adversity of life became nearly unbearable.

Dunn's current body of work features Makers, their tools, and their processes. Birds and Butterflies often find their way into her paintings. These winged creatures symbolize the metaphorical flight artists embark upon as they are swept away from the cares of life and into a state of Creative Flow.

In addition to works in oil and silver leaf on wood panels, Dunn also has created a series of murals to honor and preserve the heritage of Old Time Music and Arts in her community. These murals, installed throughout downtown Mountain City, TN, depict legends of Old Time Music from Johnson County, including GB Grayson. The murals sparked a revival of interest in the history of the music and inspired Long Journey Home, a music heritage festival. The murals tell her community's collective story and celebrate a rich heritage that was nearly forgotten.

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