Judy Elias

Judy Elias is an artist who loves to travel. She depicts the places she visits in colorful, small paintings from all over the world in a vivid, representational style. She paints mostly smaller pieces en plein air, but she is not averse to enlarging one of her studies if a client requests it. Elias is a skilled draftsperson, as is readily evidenced in the foundations of her paintings. 

Elias was born in the oil fields of West Texas and has lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Illinois over the years. She has a free spirit when it comes to painting and living. She has traveled the world in pursuit of her passion for art, her desire to tell a story via the canvas as honestly and as beautifully as she can, and her commitment to artistic integrity and excellence.

Elias's paintings are in many private collections throughout the United States. Charleston hosts many visitors and art collectors who take a little bit of the city by choosing a small painting. Houston has a thriving art community and the local businesses support local artists by buying and displaying their works. Elias's work is displayed at the Weingarten Real Estate offices in Houston. She is a member of the Women Painters of the Southeast, an associate member of the Oil Painters of America, the American Impressionists Society, the National Oil and the National Acrylic Painters Society, and the American Watercolor Society, the Charleston Artist Guild, the Kiawah Artists Guild, and the Seabrook Artist Guild. In Houston, she belongs to the Art League of Houston and the Watercolor Society of Houston.

Elias studied art and history at the University of Oklahoma, then design at the Academy of Merchandizing and Design in Chicago, IL, where she lived and worked for eighteen years as an interior designer and artist. She uses color as a designer would in all of her paintings. She is now a full-time painter with two studios, one in Texas and the other in South Carolina.

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