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As a traditional painter in a classical realistic style, Katrina Lubbecke's paintings express a love of wildlife, wilderness landscapes, and historic architecture. Raised on a ranch and schooled on a tribal reservation in Eastern Oregon, she has a unique perspective for describing historic places that have changed or vanished with the passage of time. An AA in Technical Design and Art History in college has led her to employ a classical approach with her art. With a focus on the play of light across the landscape and using tonalist and luminist techniques, she seeks to enhance the experience the landscape has upon the viewer. Having lived and homesteaded in several remote areas of Oregon and Northern California, she is naturally drawn to places of solitude that encourage deep reflection and appreciation for history, wilderness, and wildlife. In the case of historic architecture, she admires craftsmanship and ingenuity that has stood the test of time, something she hopes her paintings will highlight.

Lubbecke typically paints with acrylics, using a limited palette of five colors and mixing the rest. She takes full advantage of the fast-drying qualities of the medium to add layers as needed to fully develop the scene, a technique that gives her paintings a luminous rich color.

Over the last 20 years, her paintings have been juried into many distinguished national exhibitions and are widely collected in the U.S. and internationally. She lives in the foothills of Southern Oregon with her engineer husband and two daughters. Their ranch, complete with horses, cats, dogs, and abundant wildlife, also contains a restored antique barn she uses for her studio, enabling her to find endless inspiration for her work at any time.


“My greatest challenge with every painting is to leave out superfluous details to retain focus on my subject while simultaneously striving to integrate the mood and atmosphere of a landscape. These paintings are my way of showing my love of the natural world, and I hope they uplift and inspire others.”

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